Spontaneous Ousting of Anti-U.S. Militia: Libyan protesters this morning have swept through Benghazi, some wielding machetes and meat cleavers, to protest the recent spate of violence in the country. Ansar al-Sharia, an organization that calls itself a local peacekeeping militia, evacuated their bases to "preserve security in the city."

An Open Book: According to Mitt Romney's health records, released Friday, the candidate undergoes regular examination of his prostate. His past tax returns were still not forthcoming. His doctor also notes that Mitt "looks younger than his age" and "has reserves of strength, energy, and stamina".

Nothing Says I'm Sorry Like a Wad of Cash: A man who was kicked three times by a Seattle police officer has been awarded moolah for his trouble, $42,000 in fact. The officer was cleared of wrongdoing by a Seattle Police Department internal investigation.

Young Green-Winged Teals Easy Target for Nasty Bacterium: Around 1200 birds are dead in North Portland after an outbreak of avian botulism, according to reporting by Oregon Public Broadcasting. Oregon Fish and Wildlife took to kayaks on the Smith and Bybee lakes yesterday to collect dead birds before they infect migrating bird populations.

Endangered Wolves in Stevens County Will Be Killed: At least eight wolves will be killed in northeast Washington after the pack reportedly hunted down and killed cattle in the region. State officials argue it will help preserve long term wolf protection efforts.

The Flush Heard Round the World: In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe the residents have been asked to all flush their toilets at 7:30 p.m. to clear the accumulated waste from several days' water rationing.

Fast and Furious on State Route 16: Early this morning a driver in Tacoma reportedly rammed a state patrol officer with his car after an extensive high speed chase. The officer then shot at the man before the suspect drove off again.

Gangnam Side Story: According to the Guardian two rival gangs dining at the same restaurant in Bangkok had a brief dance off before launching a 50 bullet gun battle. In other Gangnam news some L.A. lifeguards were fired for making this parody.