The opening act everyone kept going on about, Retro Verso:

Lynn Shelton on making films in Seattle and this year's film finalists, Shaun Scott, Drew Christie, and Megan Griffiths:

And this year's film Genius is... Megan Griffiths!

Sarah Rudinoff explains the brilliance of Keri Healey, Zoe Scofield, and Grady West:

Grady West emails his acceptance speech!

Jeffry Mitchell on what artists need:

And this year's art Genius is... Sarah Bergmann!

Marya Sea Kaminski on seeing Kary Wayson, Ed Skoog, and Ellen Forney read together recently:

And this year's literary Genius is... Ellen Forney!

Lori Goldston gets the music award (and a hilarious technical assist from Susanna Welbourne):

All videos by our What You're Not Wearing street fashion expert Timothy Rysdyke.