In that spot you've grown accustomed to seeing editorials slamming health care reform and railing for anti-tax policies that gut education, the Seattle Times has slathered the opinion page today with four editorials endorsing Initiative 502:


Here are the pieces: Legalizing marijuana adds revenue, reduces law-enforcement costs; Approve Initiative 502 — It’s time to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana; Initiative 502 pits the people of Washington against the federal government; Tackling the issue of driving while stoned. Plus there's an article at the top of the local section: State could be test case in marijuana legalization.

You can ignore one editorial. But four on Sunday is a thunderclap, especially coming from the state's leading conservative media outlet with reach into those swingy, swing suburbs. And last week they ran a battery of editorials in favor of passing same-sex-marriage legalizing Referendum 74. And heaven bless 'em for it. They're determined to cement the idea that legalizing pot and gay marriage are the political status quo in Washington.