LA Times:

Houston police shot and killed a mentally ill double amputee in a wheelchair after he threatened an officer with a pen, authorities said.

Police arrived at a personal care home early Saturday morning after the man, Brian Claunch, started threatening his caretaker because he wouldn’t give Claunch cigarettes and soda, John Garcia, the home’s owner, told local media.

The orderly called the police. When they arrived, Claunch — who had one arm and one leg and was in his mid-40s — cornered one officer while waving around a weapon, police said. The weapon turned out to be a pen.

We must step back and see the system that made this tragedy possible. It's not accidental that a minor conflict at this "personal care home" escalated so quickly, so easily to a state of emergency. In the way Romney and his kind see the emergency room as universal health care for the poor, the system provides potentially lethal police force as the universal response to conflicts.

Then there is this.

The police risked many lives to recover Wells Fargo's 25 grand. Also, the robber was a school teacher. It's all in the system.