Haters Gonna Hate


I'll take quotes that demonstrate a huge lack of anatomical knowledge for $200, Alex.
I'm so confused!
Oh, so you have to be a homosexual to have a homosexual baby! I always wondered about that. Kindof how my mom had to be a man to give birth to my little brother, right?
Lesbians can bring forth a baby from that part of the anatomy which they concentrate on.

But I don't expect Robertson will keep his promise to change everything he's saying.

I would like to see Pat Robertson buried in a pile of Lesbian-born babies, just like Capt. Kirk was with all those tribbles.
Idiots gonna idiot.
I'd like to see Pat Robertson bring forth a baby from his withered loins. Once he does I'll decide whether he's allowed to get married.
but homosexual sex will never make a baby.
there's no way.
Hey Danny.

Put Pat in his place....

You and Terri make a baby!

That will shut him up. Go ahead....
@8-9 Actually, it is possible for a bi-girl to seduce a gay man, get with a lesbian for lesbian sex, and thereby conceive the baby of two gay parents.
I'm pretty sure I'll never end up having a baby from the anatomy on which I concentrate -- but I'm gonna keep fucking trying. Maybe Robertson can just cut folks some slack, just to make sure. Or, you know, drop fucking dead.
@8 word. If being a gay is not a choice, if gays are born that way (like being born left handed or with red hair) then how is it possible for them to reproduce? Straight left handed redheads can reproduce and pass on a trait to a kid that's born with it, but how do gay people pass on the gay gene they were born with? Science is confusing. I think redheads are hot btw.
Civil rights are not dealt out according to one's ability to have children.

Hey asshat @ #9: my husband had cancer, and now he and I can't make a baby either. Should I draw up the divorce papers now, since our marriage otherwise has no value?

Done engaging the trolls now.
Time, it is on our side. It's just that the cussed thing moves damn slow, and in the interim we have to listen to these bigoted old white men blather on. As a future old (non-bigoted) white man myself, I cannot wait until there are no more of us left on the planet, mucking it up for everyone else.
I think Robertson is doing the concentrating too much on those parts.
@4 Yeah, these haters are never as worked up about lesbian sex. Misogyny is the key. They fear gay male sex because they fear penetration--ya know, what those women have to "endure"--as weakness.
@12: Not all traits are due to genetic factors; predisposition to lung cancer, for example, has pretty much no genetic basis. Some traits do have causes in the genome, but the gene is not fully penetrant; for example, certain alleles of the BRCA genes increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer, but not all people carrying the mutant alleles will actually get cancer. Finally, many genes have what is called heterozygote advantage; having copies of two different alleles makes the organism better off than having two copies of either allele, so neither allele will die out.
Sexual orientation seems to have a fairly weak genetic basis, and its principal cause appears to be related to the levels of sex hormones in utero and their effect on brain development at certain loci.


we're sorry to hear that.

maybe danny and terri could make

a baby for you after they make one for pat......


or the gay guy could just fuck the lesbian himself....
What? So you're saying my boyfriend isn't pregnant? He's been lying to me all this time!
Um, lesbians give birth, don't they? These guys seem to have forgotten that women can be homosexual.
On a different note, I'm in Boston but I come here and see ads for some politico named McKenna and in the ads he's wearing lipstick. I'm confused. Someone please explain.
Christian and Islamic Fundamentalists hate each very, very much and it's because they're fighting over the same territory.
It is also impossible to give birth through calculus, Presbyterianism, goat-milking, power-sawing, driving, or accordion-playing. All of these should be barred as well.
@23 - In McKenna's mind, advertising in The Stranger is an effective use of campaign funds.
Why is it always about babies? Maybe I don't want a baby.
@25: No! Not accordion-playing!

The reasons that that bigoted men always forget about lesbianism when they condemn homosexuality isn't, as #17 (maddy811) says that they " ear gay male sex because they fear penetration--ya know, what those women have to "endure"--as weakness." It's twofold:

1) They don't even bother to think about female sexuality in any serious way. Homosexuality's emphasis is on the HOMO--the man.

And besides,
2) The idea of two women having sex is actually a turn-on, so no real problem with that.
@28: exactly. Also, the stuff that two women do together can't possibly be real sex, because there's no man there to make it real sex. It doesn't count.

By his logic, my husband should have shot a baby out of his dick about a thousand times by now, because we're straight and that's the part of his anatomy on which I tend to concentrate most of my sexual energy. I agree with all who suggest that these fuckers spend too much time thinking about buttholes.
So Pat's talking about penises, right?

But doesn't making a baby (with the exception of genetic engineering) generally require a penis? Does he think babies are made only by pushing them out of a vagina, because something's missing from that schema.

As a male human, I like to say that my kids are the most beautiful thing ever to come out of my body!
You know, straight men are actually quite famous for "concentrating" on two areas of a woman's anatomy (and please pardon the vernacular): the tits, and the ass. And doesn't that prove (if it ever needed proving), that old Pat is a demented fool?
Well, if you cant trust these noted scientists, then... wait, they're not scientists? So why waste time on their words?
@31 (sophist2): No, Pat's not talking about penises; he's talking about anuses. Because that's all he can think about when he hears the words "gay," or "homosexual:" the idea that some man is sticking his penis into another man's dirty, disgusting asshole. Then he gets hard. Then he is filled with self-loathing.
I love how lesbians never exist.
Memo to Pat Robertson:

A major part of the anatomy I concentrate on, as a gay man, is the penis. Penises, if I'm not mistaken, have brought forth a lot of babies.

And lesbians, I'm assuming, have a strong interest in vagina, which also have been known to bring forth some babies.

Really, I don't know anyone who thinks about anuses more than homophobes.
Since they think that only homosexual parents ever have homosexual kids, why the love for gays who fake hetero-marriages?
I think ol' Pat is trying to say "It can't be genetic if gay men never have babies!"

Well you see, Pat, if only you would give up shaming them into the closet, by which they have to cover up their gayness so thoroughly that they marry women and have babies with them (while fantasizing about Keanu Reeves, of course)... Well, then gay men never *would* have babies, now would they?
@37: Because they hate the gays who are out for being out. You know. Because it tempts them.
...and Pat Robertson says he believes in miracles. If he does then a miracle, by definition, can happen to anyone.
"Logic" applied to prove faith. Can't they just have their faith and leave it at that? Apparently no.
It is funny how the right wingers, who are falling all over themselves to condemn Ahmadinejad, never seem to realize they're in lockstep with him on this issue. Foxnews.com, in its coverage today of the Ahmadinejad visit, failed to mention his comments on homosexuality at all.

This is all beside the fact that "can't make babies = invalid" is a high school level argument at best.
Agreed- female sexuality is generaly totally ignored by those who come up with the hating comments, be that sexuality gay or straight.
But, um, minor quibble- I don't know if you know this, and are just illustrating the lack of knowledge often held by haters, but the 'homo' bit in 'homosexuality' isn't from the Latin word for 'man' (which is gender neutral, BTW- the Latin for a male person is 'vir')- it's from the Greek for 'same'.

Anyway- is this "OMG same-sex sex doesn't make babies!" inanity due to abstenince only sex education? Seriously- WE KNOW! We get it! Newsflash- humans have know for millenia what sort of sex does and doesn't make babies! Does anyone think that there have been Roman men sitting around in the baths complaining that their wives have been blowing them every night for a year but they still don't have children? And that their friends shook their heads sadly and replied "I don't know what to suggest, mate"?
Why PIV sex doesn't always result in children- bit more of a mystery until recently. But oral and anal sex not resulting in pregnancy? Not exactly a secret.
If Robertson and Ahmadinejad can talk out of their ass, who's to say babies can't come from there too?
@8 - What is the demonstrable value in making more humans? Not the subjective value those who happen to know the new human place on it, or the value that society places on protecting it once it's born, but the value in actually coming up with new ones.

@12 (assuming you're not just the same person) - I seem to recall a recent study indicating that the sisters of gay men tended to be more fertile than the average woman. It seems to me, then, that the trait (or at least the genetic predisposition thereto) is passed on through familial channels tangent to the homosexual individual, rather than through the homosexual individual him-/herself. In any case, it appears to occur at more or less identical rates from culture to culture.

@19 - You're a sad, sorry husk of a human.