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The first thing you notice when you walk into The Raygun Lounge is the tables. They're huge, they're beautiful, and they were custom built for the space. They're tables built for a whole lot of people to gather around, perfect for huge meals, or lots of drinks, or playing games. You can't help but imagine all the people you know sitting at these tables, having fun.

So, yes, the tables are striking, but the other reason you notice them when you walk into the Raygun Lounge is that there isn't much else in the Raygun Lounge right now. There are a couple of bars flanking the corner of the room. On top of one bar is a selection of board games with titles you may not know if you're not a heavy board gamer: Descent, Pandemic, Cosmic Encounters. Behind the other bar is a cooler full of sugary drinks (Mexican Fanta, Sprite, Coke) and an array of snack foods: Snickers, Kit-Kats, Odwalla bars. There's one staff person back there, too. If you ask the staffer about the low-key decor, they'll apologize, say something like "we're soft-launchin' it" for two or three weeks before the city permitting process finally takes place and the bar and kitchen can open up, and do everything they can to make you feel welcome.

The Raygun Lounge is an offshoot of Gamma Ray Games, and it's open six days a week for food, drinks, and use of those gigantic tables. On opening night, all but one of the tables was packed with people huddled around boards, rolling dice, and talking. Nobody was sulking by themselves over a laptop. It felt amiable and cozy—it's obviously a work in progress right now, but it still feels like the start of something really nice. So my question to you, Slog, is this: Once the booze is in place, would you be into having a Slog meetup at the Raygun Lounge? I'm kind of averse to using the name Slog Happy because it would probably not be very mixer-y, what with the games that require hours of your attention. But it could be fun! Let's leave it to a poll: