Nothing but Tables and Snacks


Fortunately there are a lot of games that don't require hours at a time or extensive gaming experience. Pack a few of those up and you'll have a mixer.

And don't start with Descent. Or Pandemic.
7 Wonders!!!! I have the last copy of the Cities expansion that Gamma Ray sold, you know you want it.
I do not know as much about modern board games as I would like to, so I'll have to take your word for it, @1 and @2. I'll happily take anyone's suggestions!
Yes! I've never gone to a Slog Happy (for whatever reason...) but I would love to come to one of these! If it happens, can we have some sort of vote on what games will be played?
The first person who suggests risk I'm going to slap in the mouth. I HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW. Sigh. I always have to work tomorrow, and I'd like nothing more than to crack another bottle of red at 4:30 am while planning a vigorous attack on Kamchatka.
Good games for mixers:
Fluxx (and its variants) (hey, gamers, quit your moaning, we're talking about being social)
Cards Against Humanity (the obscene, grown up version of Apples to Apples)
Dominion maybe (start with the base game, there are several expansions with a learning curve)
Five Crowns

I'd love to come, bring a couple suggestions and teach what's on hand, assuming they've a decent library.
I've really been wanting to play Elder Sign, and Game of Thrones Card Game with more people...I don't really know many people willing to play em.
@6 I second Dominion and CAH and also your scolding of gamers who hate Fluxx. (And now I have to check out the other ones you mentioned. Thanks!)
@8 - When I'm playing with gaming friends, Fluxx will never hit the table because it can get so bogged down with everyone trying to strategize and/or bitching about how "it's not REALLY a game." Which... eh, to each their own. That said, I'm kind of cool to the original version, but my girlfriend and I can play round after round of Star Fluxx or Martian Fluxx. It really is a game where the version can help determine your interest. Ironically, I love Monty Python but can't stand the MP Fluxx because they get so much of the Python wrong in favor of Being Funny.

That list of games is small stuff that we can throw a couple into a bag and play at a cafe.

Beyond that and bigger, I'd say:
Munchkin and its variants (again, silly game that you kind of have to find the right people for, but good for parties)
Stone Age (worker placement)
Settlers of Catan (it's a good intro to modern games, although I really don't care for it)
Power Grid (brain burner but can be very fun)

oh and Guillotine is another good portable game.

I'll bring Chrononauts for sure :)
Oh, CAH is a great game, highly recommended.

And Paul, you BETTER declare this an "Official SLOG Happy", by-gum, or we're just going to come in and take over the place anywho.
How about a nice quick game of Twilight Imperium?

I keed, I keed. I think it took 4 hours for two turns of that game. Maybe when there's a snow day.

Power Grid looked fun, and I still have a soft spot for Ticket to Ride Europe. I played a completely non social game at PAX that was about bumping robots, but I blissfully can't remember the name. The bright spot was it took chance completely out of it.
Cards Against Humanity is SO MUCH FUN! Also I recently saw Dixit on Tabletop (Wil Wheaton's YouTube show about games) and I kind of want to try that. Also Elder Signs.
+1 to all of the above.
Dixit is a lot of fun, like a slightly more surreal Apples to Apples and I imagine it would go like gangbusters with this group.

Ticket To Ride is also a good beginner modern game.

And one of my favorite games of all time, though I wouldn't recommend it to a complete newcomer would be Race for the Galaxy. Helluva learning curve but a very deep game with lots of possibilities.
How about a rousing round or two of "Go Fish" or "Old Maid"? FWIW (as the kids say) I have a pretty much pristine version of "Mystery Date"....
One half of the STD was talking to me about hosting a Slog gaming meet-up. Maybe you should coordinate.

And Catalina, if you bring out Mystery Date, I will play that. I will play the crap out of it.
@11 Maybe you're thinking of Robo Rally. One of my all time favorite games, super great stone cold sober but just about the perfect game at 3 beers.

I am also pro Dixit and Chrononauts.
@17 Nope. That game sounds fun. The one we played was called Ricochet Robots (I was close!). It's not so much a game as a puzzle (apt quote stolen from Board Game Geek's website). It only lasts 30-40 minutes, but its not an interactive game. Especially at 10pm, when you're straining to keep your brain in tact.

But, it didn't have the interactivity of TtR or SoC. However, I could totally see doing brain teasers by myself with it.
I recommend Diplomacy. Meet new people, plot with them, then F MAt-> Lon. (Ok so I don't remember the layout).
When I'm introducing newbies to board games, I've had good luck with these:

- 7 Wonders -- people *love* this one; highly interactive, fast paced
- Carcassone -- lots of interaction, very simple rules
- Bohnanza -- people really get into the trading
- Dominion, especially if you take out the attacks -- gives people a chance to develop their own strategy without feeling "picked on"

The nice thing about all of these games is that they're fast, and no one really gets left behind. Even if you don't have a lot of points, you can still fully participate in the game mechanics. I've found that people can get turned off really fast when they get blocked off (like in Ticket to Ride or Power Grid, if someone takes a route/city that you really need), or if it's obvious from the board layout that you're really falling behind (like in Settlers where someone is collecting 4x the resources per turn as you).