Yay for the win and all that, but this football game was a total fucking disgrace. The NFL should be ashamed of itself.

I'm no Packers fan, but if I were, I'd be furious. First the replacement refs call an unbelievably bogus defensive pass interference to keep a Seahawks drive alive (it was clearly offensive pass interference), and then on the final play of the game, with no time left on the clock, they give the Seahawks a game winning touchdown when it was a Packer who clearly intercepted the ball in the end zone (again, with offensive pass interference).

It was bound to happen. The replacement refs have been awful all year, and they finally clearly cost a team a game. Players who put their bodies on the line with every play deserve much better, and the fans should be demanding their money back. Celebrate if you want, Seahawks fans, but our team didn't deserve the win.

Like I said, a total fucking disgrace.