Tough break, kids, I am totally happy hangin out naked!
  • "Tough break, kids, I am totally happy hangin' out naked!"
Some of you guys are super-bummed about all the evidence piling up that many dinosaurs had feathers. Brian Switek has something to tell you:

If you’re one of those people who loathe dinosaur feathers, there’s a group that will commiserate with you: creationists.

Creationists are on a campaign to “take dinosaurs back.” Earlier this year, the creationist crackpot Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis—the organization that established the fundamentalist funhouse called the Creation Museum—said, “Dinosaurs have been held hostage for decades” by his mortal enemy, the nefarious “secular humanists.” Ham is determined to appropriate dinosaurs for biblical literalists.

That's right, the same people who deny the fossil record want dinosaurs for themselves.

Still prefer your T-Rex naked? Then please enjoy these shoes as seen all over the internet. (thanks Slog-tippers Vic and John!)