I just did an interview via Skype with Nick Monacelli at KXTV-10, the ABC affiliate in Sacramento, and you can easily guess the subject matter: The likelihood of Chris Hansen buying the NBA Kings and moving them to Seattle.

Sacramento is worried. And it should be.

While Hansen has always been very careful to avoid talking about specific teams, he's also been clear that his rush to approve an arena deal was so that he could be ready to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire a team as soon as one becomes available. And no NBA team appears to be more available than the Sacramento Kings.

It was an awkward conversation with Monacelli. "We feel your pain," I assured him repeatedly. But, well, the whole point of building this arena is to do to some other poor, hapless fan base what Oklahoma City did to us. When it comes to professional sports, alas, it's a city-eat-city world. Sacramento is preparing to be eaten.