It was yesterday's hearing at the Temple of Justice in Olympia, during which our state supreme court considered whether the voter-approved requirement of a 2/3 majority to raise taxes is constitutional. The justices had many questions about whether the case is even "justiciable"—meaning, whether they should even consider important questions about the 2/3 majority requirement's constitutionality at all.

It seemed that some of the justices may want the legislature to first pass a new tax law with a majority vote (rather than with the 2/3 majority vote now required because of Initiative 1053). Then, they want the governor to sign such a law. After that, maybe these justices would be willing to consider whether the Washington State Constitution requires only a majority vote to raise taxes, and if so, whether the constitutional can be changed via the initiative process (as it effectively has been with I-1053).

To which Goldy responded:

So, if the issue isn't justiciable until the legislature and the governor actually violate I-1053 by passing a tax increase on a simple majority and signing it into law, but to violate I-1053 would violate their oath of office, than regardless of the underlying merits, the constitutionality of I-1053 can never ever be challenged! That is what the state and Eyman are arguing, and if the court agrees then frankly, I quit, because there is no rule of law.

I mean it... if the justices pull this justiciability bullshit again, I quit. Because it means everything I've worked for these past nine years has been a total fucking waste of time, so I'll just go out and make some real money for a change, and the rest of the state can go fuck itself.

He later suggested the following Slog poll: