Wake the Fuck Up


That was awesome (could've been half as long tho).
I'm so confused Mr. Jackson. Just recently you were telling me to Go the Fuck to Sleep!

Talk about flip-flopping. GOD!
Sorry, but all politicians are the same. Who can get behind a douchebag who just blows up anyone he doesn't agree with? Just because that shit isn't going on in the US doesn't give us license to ignore it. Romney made positive changes in MA - his health plan was a hell of a lot better than Obama's - so maybe he's just playing the ultra-conservative game to get elected. Either way, I'm voting for Jill Stein - no more of this lesser of two evils crap. And no, it's not throwing my vote away to vote for someone I believe in.
Say "Hell no motherfuckers!" is the best line ever.
Paid for by a Jewish group. So much for the whole Obama-has-abandoned-Israel thing.

@3 Who do you think you're fooling?

And I also thought about Go the Fuck to Sleep!

Well, then. I guess if you're one of the liberal Hollywood types that Republicans are always protesting, you might as well go all the way. All I got to say, if you're Obama and people are going that far out on a limb for you, you better not screw it up.
You go little Suzie! Wake their asses up!
Too bad Obama is also a jesus-cultist, a crony corporatist and anti-environment.

Less of two evils I guess.
@3 Jill Stein is running for President.
A politician is someone active in politics, is seeking or has a political office.
You believe in Jill Stein and her non evilness.

The above only makes sense if "all politicians are the same" is false.

BREAKING: The lesser of two evils is... less evil. Must credit Slog.
This has restored my atheist faith in America.

Too bad they didn't say "Republicans" instead of Romney/Ryan. The fact is that all Republicans today, even the "nice" ones, represent the same damaging policies as Romney & Ryan.

We need to aim wider, it's not just about reelecting Obama, it's about electing Democrats across the board -- Congress, state, county courts (in states where they are elected), local governments. Wake the fuck up people, the policies ALL REPUBLICANS advocate are NOT in the interests of most Americans. Not even the rich ones if you factor in the long term.

@7: yes, many democrats offer less than some of us would like. But to paraphrase a not-so-long-ago Republican-appointed defense secretary -- you go to war with the army you have, right?
@5: It's scripted by the author of GtFtS, which might explain that.

Anyone started a pool yet on the first complaint about sexism, ageism or fat-shaming?

@9, Rebecca Solnit just wrote a good essay about this:
>> Look, Obama does bad things and I deplore them, though not with a lot of fuss, since they’re hardly a surprise. He sometimes also does not-bad things... [The idea that] we are asked to choose the lesser of two evils... is not an analysis or an insight; it is a cliché, and a very tired one, and it often comes in the same package as the insistence that there is no difference between the candidates. You can reframe it, however, by saying: we get a choice, and not choosing at all can be tantamount in its consequences to choosing the greater of two evils.>>
Or, more poetically:
>> Every four years we are asked if we want to have our foot trod upon or sawed off at the ankle without anesthetic. The usual reply on the left is that there’s no difference between the two experiences and they prefer that Che Guevara give them a spa pedicure. Now, the Che pedicure is not actually one of the available options, though surely in heaven we will all have our toenails painted camo green by El Jefe.>>
The articles I've read on the drone strikes are the tipping point for me. I'm not in a swing state, so I'll be voting for Stein. I'll be more happy if Obama wins than Romney, because Romney would also continue ordering drone strikes on civilians, but his drones would piss on the corpses afterwards.
Awesome. @1, wrong. @7, be the change you want to see in the world, and shut the fuck up.
This was fanstastic - Samuel L. Jackson could wake me up anytime :)
There are some, for whatever their motives may be, seem to think a president must meet their every expectation or he's not up to the job. It would never occur to them that their interests are not the only ones a president must consider. Or that the president must have a broader view of the needs of our nation. I don't agree with Obama on every issue. But I trust him absolutely to do the right thing.
Sarah Silverman strikes again? The script has her touch all over it, and JCER had their name on her video.

Why is it bleeped?
While I still hate it when people rope children into politics, she did a very good job.

It also convinced me to finally donate to the O reelection campaign.
Now I have "Wake Up Little Susie" stuck in my head. Still, loved the video. Will definitely vote, at least.