The words on the wall:

Barack Obama Will Be Reelected

As a consequence, bankers are turning down the volume and frequency of their criticism of the president. But here is what I do not get: Why do the bankers hate Obama so much? Look at the stock market? Look at their profits? What has he done to make them so unhappy? This comment says it all:
Good for nothing ungrateful financiers and fat cats...DJIA up 69% since the start of Obama's presidency.
Fact: DJIA 2009 (start of Obama's presidency): 7,949
DJIA 9/27/12: 13,455
In his second term,Bush started with a DJIA of 10,471 and ended with 7,949.

At the moment, bad news has decided to take an unusually long vacation from Obama...

Republicans may soon lose a key talking point. According to data released Thursday, President Obama may now be a net job creator.
In the year following Obama's inauguration, the U.S. economy lost about 4.3 million jobs. But new figures released Thursday show 4.4 million jobs have been added back since then.