Slog reader Laura writes:

My friend recently started phone banking for marriage equality. She had a horrific call.

Tonight, I went to volunteer with WA United for Marriage. I was very reluctant to do phone banks to try to convince people to please vote to give me equal rights. However, I know that's their area of biggest need. On the 3rd call, I get XXXXX from Port Angeles who tells me she's not in favor because "peckers shouldn't go where you poop" and that she refuses to "let her homo nephew in the house because those people have diseases." Tears begin rolling down my cheek and I realize I can't do this. I also happened to be the only gay person (which I find rather shameful) at this phone bank. I wanted to leave early but after I calmed down from my not so short meltdown, I was given the job of calling other supportive people and asking them to do phone banks (hopefully, they're straight or don't feel as emotional as I do). However, I will go back and call folks next week because I want to marry my beloved.”

I wonder if we can't call on our straight allies to make these phone calls. Listening to this kind of bull is so emotionally draining for many gay people. I cant begin to imagine what it would be like to hear such terrible things without absorbing even a little of it...

Straight people, please stand up. Volunteer to join the phone bank and call other people. When you have something that you know is special and you realize that not everyone has access to that special thing, compassionate humans offer a hand up to the others.

How do you volunteer to join a phone bank? Here is how you volunteer to join a phone bank. It's very easy.