...because they are a fire hazard? The cafe, called The Barn, says:

Our menu is very reduced and catered towards adults.

We do like children but we would ask parents to look after them while they are with us. Children can not access the areas of production. This is very dangerous.

Whilst many of our regular customers understand our concept in our coffeeshop in Auguststrasse, we have spent countless times explaining to others why they cannot enter our shop with their prams. With this experience in mind, we have decided to have a clearer entrance to our new space. A high volume of prams would make it extremely difficult to handle evacuation in case of fire. So we have decided to have none.

We really want to concentrate on our coffee brewing mostly and not arguing why this or that is not possible. We understand that this is not for everybody, but some will appreciate it a lot.

This is by no means an intention of discrimination against parents nor people with disabilities.

The cafe, also via its Facebook, "should be a meeting point for coffee admirers." As such:

We only serve our handbrewed coffees black—for us it would be like adding milk to champagne if we would serve it any other way...

This is also the reason we dont play music nor have laptops in our space. We think it disconnects people while they are here. If you must, we have dedicated a media table where you can please use your laptop or i-pad if you must...

Please enjoy your stay and forgive our passion and care that may restrict your habits.