So Myspace is touting a relaunch. And while it looks pretty sexy, it seems unadvisable to continue on the with the Myspace name, as it's basically taken the place of Friendster as the punchline to every bad social-network joke ever. Also, no matter how unrealistic their odds are, tech companies can be real great at producing flashy promotional multimedia. To wit, see the teaser for that crazy cat Kim Dotcom's upcoming launch of Megabox, while the trial for Megaupload is still in process.

The interesting thing here is Facebook integration, and it's one sign that the relaunch may be onto something. This indicates that they're not trying to go head-up against Zuckerberg, et. al, who, despite having suffered poor stock performance since their recent IPO, are not going anywhere anytime soon. Rather, Myspace looks to be attempting to re-capitalize on its once-dominant relationship with musicians.