Morning News: Privatizing Public Airwaves, Campaign Money, and Free State Parks


Not just free state parks day, it's also Free Museum Day, courtesy of The Smithsonian.

Go see that vile glass-and-crap museum and not have to shell out two sawbucks of your own hard-earned money!
Sulzberger died this morning.
@1: I'd much rather gladly show my appreciation and patronage by spending $2.00 on regular day and deal with the smaller crowds.

@3 and all the while you can prissily mutter "We built this!" under your breath. Free of us pinko commie riff-raff.
A Secret About a Secret That is Veiled by a Secret

This Machine Kills Secrets, by Andy Greenberg

-----Unauthorized Book Review-----

Privacy on the Internet can easily be a life or death proposition: whether it was Yahoo and Jerry Yang outing a Chinese pro-democracy activist to the Chinese government, the secret police of Bahrain disappearing protesters, or the extraordinarily long incarceration and sleep-deprivation torture of Bradley Manning, the outcomes can be enormous!

When events work positively, lives are saved and movements flourish in Myanmar, Eastern Europe and elsewhere.

Andy Greenberg's monumental book, This Machine Kills Secrets, delivers mightily. Greenberg has exhaustively researched the story --- and the back story --- providing the reader with the ultimate bird's eye view of the unfolding story of WikiLeaks, Internet privacy and the corporate and governmental battles waged against them --- this is one kick ass book --- and Greenberg gets everything right!

This is no David Wise or Eamon Javers misinformation trope, this is the real deal, my Wolfen friends.

For those who wish to stay current, the sites below may be of interest.

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@3 GDfR

I agree with you. It's like what Rick Steves' says, consider the value of your time and money well spent versus always looking to save a few dollars. Of course, he's talking about making the most of your vacation, but it certainly applies here too.

It's worth it to me to pay and support museums so that they can have free days for all to enjoy.
@3 and 11: Yeah, except it's $20, not $2 for the glass and crap museum, but whatever. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
@7: I like how in the course of criticizing my orthography and literacy, you post a comma-ridden run-on sentence containing an orphaned open-parenthesis.
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Sorry, I only read authorized book reviews.

Just visited Flaming Geyser for free...I think that Discovery Pass has had the effect of reducing down to 1/20th of what they would normally be.

The sad truth is that there are two types of WA state parks. Some of them are smaller versions of national parks, with manicured trails and nice facilities. However. many of them are just glorified K.O.A. campgrounds for RVs and and trailers.

I say make day parks free, and at the hookup parks they pay market rate.
@14. He'd just go as unregistered. Dude'll never go away.

Just for the record--

No way would I cough up any amount of money for Chihuly's glass "museum".

And yes, most museums do cost upwards of $20. I'm only saying that I am fortunate enough to be able to afford that, and I encourage others who can to do so as well.
@19 just eat in the Glass Cafe instead.