Marcus Charles explains: The owner of The Crocodile talks about his support for Rob McKenna and his creation of the "Progressive Conservation Coalition."

The payroll tax break is doomed: No matter who wins the election, you'll be getting less take-home pay.

Cyber attack on the White House: Thwarted. (Also, these are "not infrequent.")

Fan bites Danny Bonaduce: "A crazed fan bit former child TV star and current radio DJ Danny Bonaduce during an event at a Washington casino."

Arthur O. Sulzberger: The former publisher of The New York Times died over the weekend, at 86.

Ross Perot: Not endorsing anyone this cycle, but warning about a financially weak U.S. being "taken over."

Wednesday's presidential debate: Chris Christie promises "this whole race is going to be turned upside down."

Wingnut bait: Obama's debate prep, the Drudge Report notes, is taking place at a Las Vegas hotel with "a Middle Eastern theme."

U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan: Now at 2,000.

Where nice works for Democrats: North Dakota

And Rob McKenna wants to sock someone...