It's good. It's a little unctuous, and it could do with one or two fewer wives gazing adoringly up at their reverend husbands, and maybe I'm crazy, but... I'd kind of like to see an ad featuring a minister who thinks same-sex marriage is wrong and whose church won't be performing any same-sex weddings. That minister his church already tolerates legal divorce, despite his church's belief that divorce is wrong, and that his church is willing to tolerate legal same-sex marriage in the same, er, spirit. And he could explain that the law protects churches like his from and that no one who believes same-sex marriage is wrong will be forced to perform gay weddings—or attend them—once the law passes.

I think we need to show those who reject same-sex marriage for religious reasons that they can support the full civil equality of same-sex couples without having to alter their religious beliefs.

UPDATE: From the comments...

I think your proposal for an ad is a great idea. The position you articulate is the position of many Catholics, including members of the clergy. Clergy, of course, cannot advocate publicly for a position contrary to the teachings of the Magisterium, but there are a lot of Catholic leaders who are not clergy who would probably be willing to appear in such an ad. The Church opposed civil divorce 50 years ago just as vehemently as it opposes civil same-sex marriage today, so clearly things can change. Support or opposition to civil marriage policy is not a matter of dogma (whereas the teachings on sacramental i.e. in-church marriage are dogma), so this is an area where faithful Catholics can speak out.

In other words, Dan, maybe you should post a call for Catholic or Orthodox lay leaders to come forward and volunteer to participate in a youtube video of some sort on this topic? I think you'd have takers.

Yes, the Catholic church once opposed the legalization of divorce—for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. The church also opposed votes for women because it would lead to the destruction of the family. Just sayin'.