Straight Women: Your Birth Control Pills Are Turning Men Gay


A concurring view from another angle:

Obama Administration's Birth Control Mandate…
Women visit America's Planned Parenthoods to be hooked up to Yaz force-feeding tubes like sex-crazed, foie gras geese.

I had no idea we were hoping for a Joseph Gordon-Levitt conversion. Nobody tells me these things.
I like monkeys. Anything that shows monkeys, I believe.
Studies done using one type of contraception on apes are absolutely transferable to humans... even though we all know that we totally did not share a common ancestor. herp derp.
Austin is a chimp not a monkey but then again, religion hates science!
The use of hormonal contraception CAN be a problem. Women on the pill excrete rather high levels of estrogens and their biochemical mimics through their urine. If sewage is not properly processed, this hormonal pollution often has a feminizing effect on male fish in local waterways that wastewater empties into.
Of course, the solution isn't to flip your shit and ban contraception, but rather to establish good water treatment procedures. Should we ban electricity because some power plants can cause pollution?
Poor confused men.
Well, that was the best PowerPoint presentation I've seen today!
there's plenty to criticize and question about hormonal b.c. this video mostly failed in that regard, however. the thing about the fish was really the most persuasive thing about it.
"...the pheromone of fertility..." Which we totally COULD name chemically, because this is not pure hand-waving, but shut up.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Someone please introduce him to Neil Patrick Harris.

I the meantime I'll go look for the RPS.
Pretty long for a comedy sketch.
So basically, human relationships are entirely dependent on smell. Why are God's grand plans so easily thwarted?
Wait. Everyone needs to make babies all the time or they're going against God's plan? Wasn't this video made by nuns?

Way to go against God's will, ladies. Think of all the babies you're murdering once a month!
You guys keep your mitts off of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I will give up my dream for Rufus Wainwright - deal?
My only concern is in six to ten years when I might decide to come off the pill and have children, what will happen to all the gays?
@17 They can be your wet nurse.

Don't pregnant women also excrete a high level of estrogen? I mean, that's the entire basis of urine pregnancy tests. If women were to do the Catholic church's bidding and be pregnant all the time, I don't think our fresh water would be in any better shape.
My head hurts at the stupid... A fertilized egg is NOT a baby. It's a single cell. Like an amoeba. Also I would like to see these nuns try to survive and be self-sustaining on 1065 sq ft... If they can't then shut up about Texas! Living space is hardly the problem with overpopulation. And those were the least stupid of all the things they said, the rest was just too dumb to address...
What a load of horse shit.
@20 Pregnancy tests don't respond to estrogen (think of the pregnancy scares!) it responds to human chorionic gonadotropin (hGC)
I liked it when they said the whole world's population could fit comfortably in Texas because they think 1000 square feet per person is a quarter acre per person.
What's the ratio of pill use to gay men created? I was on the pill for about 10 years; did I create 10 gay men? 100? 1000? And wheres the BC float at Pride, people? Recognize!
We already know what would happen if we put all the people in Rhode Island; putting them in Texas would be only slightly better.
Thank God my wife got an IUD instead of taking pills or I'd be sucking a dick right now.
There is a lot of estrogen in the water, but most of it comes from dairy farms, not the bcp as conspiracy theorists would have you believe.
@17 By their "reasoning," presumably your alleged pheromones will resume wafting, and the boys will magically degay to service you.

Oh wait, as a "class 1 carcinogen," the pill also selectively mutates your ability to make pheromones, allegedly.
@2 (blip): Tell me about it. I'm a straight guy and just the other day I told someone I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt was likable. Now I'm going to have be all paranoid about people thinking I'm secretly gay. ;-)

I'm a dumbass, thank you.


Whatever the number, I think this calls for new legislation: a gay best friend for every straight woman who wants one.
The thing that frustrates me most about this kind of thing is that most of the couples I've known would love to have more kids. They can't afford to. If they were forced, through lack of contraception, to have more kids, they would be very very poor. If the prosperity that resulted from the explosion in industrial productivity that has occurred since the seventies had been shared with workers, many of those couples would have had the money to feel able to have more kids. It's the economy, stupid. More kids without more money to support them would only increase poverty.
Is that the same narrator as The Glass House?
@20: Assuming that pregnant women do excrete elevated levels of estrogens (not sure if they do or not), consider this. The average woman has two kids over her lifetime. That's a year and a half of pregnancy, give or take. It's not outlandish for a woman to be on the pill for decades, though.
@29: Good point. Judging by the results of a quick web search, women on birth control would be a very minor source of estrogen pollution.
Oh. When I read the headline, I thought this was a serious thing, like women who've taken pills tend to have gay sons at higher rates than women who haven't taken BC.
Fucking nutjob Catholics.
I was able to keep a straight face until the very end, when the lady says, "If YOU know someone who is contracepting (not a word) tell them to STOP. It will destroy them!" with the exact same tone that the PSAs I watched in High School might say, "If YOU know someone who is contemplating suicide..." or "If you think your friend has a drug problem..."

Ahh... good stuff. Does anyone else have the urge to go out and restock their condom supply now?
@29 Yup, thank you.
"Contracepting?' Really? Is that a word I can use at Scrabble?
See? The copper 7 IUD rocks!

Contrasepting? Bad grammer. Silliness, but production value will trump facts.
Rah Rah Ras- Puteen!
Russia's greatest love machine.
OMG, does this mean we could turn Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly gay if all us ladies just banded together and took a lot of contraceptive hormones?
Contracepting sounds like when you go back in time and accidentally prevent someone's birth, as in "Carl got contracepted when Alex and Joey screwed up on that last trip to 1946. Now we need a new office assistant."
The best thing about this is how she pronounces Vladimir Putin - just picture him covered in cheese curds and gravy!
Ah yes... contraceptives in the water system..
(Jack Harkness' speech in the first episode of Torchwood)
wow i am actually surprised by the amount of stupidity and made up "facts" in this video, even considering where it comes from ... that is a feat not easily achived these days.

oh and: half the homosexuals have more than 500 partners? BOY i have some serious catching up to do. can anyone send a bunch fo studs over for me and my husband please he definitely lets the community down too ...

what utter bs ...
What women need to realize that when they are on the pill they may be attracted to different types of men than when off the pill.……
If you have a monogomish relationship all is cool. If you expect to stay with one guy for ever, you may be setting yourself up for problems.
@16 - LOVE me some Rufus Wainwright. I would settle for being his hag though :)

@44 - I'm at work and I think I injured myself trying to stifle the laugh on that one. That was great :)
my momma birthed me at 17 never having touched a contraceptive of any sort and i am as gay as one of luther vadross's background singers.. what happened ?
Sorry, I can't watch this stuff. I hate liars and lies, and "pheromones have been proven to exist in humans" IS A LIE!!
OMG (with extra emphasis on the GEE). Where do I start?

So ... if contracepting ::shudders:: corrupts the water supply turning men gay from the estrogen, then WHY aren't ALL men gay by now? After all, they've had 50 years drinking altered water created by a couple generations of women taking all these hormones.

Um ... so would the learned ::coughs trying to suppress laughter:: sisters be able to tell me HOW lesbians are created? Huh??? ::giggles:: Maybe it was because so many men turned gay, women had no options. ::giggles some more::

And, finally, they believe the world would be following God's plan if there were NO contraceptin' (sounds downright homey with the dropped vowel) to thwart their deity's power. Um ... in that case, WHY does God kill so many women and/or their fetuses? Is God confused? Or lashing out at women who may actually want to be pregnant? But, seriously, these nuns probably do a lot of hand-waving to explain away the percentage of pregnancies that end naturally via an early miscarriage (especially if the embryo was not considered to be viable).

I can tell these sisters long for simpler times, when women were tied to their kitchens and broods - when an extra mouth to feed wasn't a hardship. In fact, it was the opposite. Without protective labour laws, the kids were put to work on the family farm or - if in the city - sent out to earn whatever they could, in sweatshops and other forms of manual labour. Yup ... it was a real utopia. Ugh. Just ugh.
@6 makes a very good point, and made me look it up. Turns out, influence of pills on eastrogen level in water is pretty negligible:…

Which begs the question does eastrogen level of water has anything to do with human sexuality? A cursory google search wasn't helpful.
43,560 square feet per acre. 1,065 square feet = 1/4 acre. Can't they even do their math right??
Ok - but as a gay guy who can't get a boyfriend - does this mean I have to go on the pill?
@56 No, just keep having your endless parade of one night stands. Duuhhhh.
Given that I've been repulsing men ever since I got on the pill, I wonder how I managed to have all that sex...
at the bottom of their youtube page, it says 'Correction--1/4 acre is actually 10,890 square feet. This is corrected in the hard copy DVD'- I just love how THAT's the main bit of information they think they needed to rectify.

Contraceptives turning men gay and lack of space rather than lack of resources being the main threat posed by overpopulation... that's fine! But getting the units wrong- No! What a screw up! We can't let the world be misled by this piece of misinformation!
This has truth to it. The pill does affect women's ability to sense and give off natural signs of fertility. Science has PROVEN men find women more enticing when they are ovulating and the pill prevents ovulation. It's subtle but on a grand scale with most teens and women on the pill, things are certainly different. Water systems are having trouble filtering out the water soluble hormones and the added hormone in the water over time has been affecting fish and in turn do affect humans too. I have been on the pill and came off it and noticed definite changes personally. A medicine taken every day to prevent the human body from functioning properly is just not right. I apologize for angering people. and I love my gays....I'm just saying to really think about it please :)
So this is old. Sorry, I just saw it.
And can't resist the urge to follow the "logic" of this video to it's conclusion.

A woman is only attractive to men when she is fertile and exuding fertile lady pheromones. Which allows her to attract a man, who marries her and fucks her fertile little lady parts, causing her to become pregnant - at which point, her husband ceases to be attracted to her because she's not exuding fertile female pheromones now. So her husband ... becomes gay?

Women being pregnant causes homosexuality!

A woman's only answer is to use her fertile pheromones to attract a husband. And then never have sex with her husband, lest she fall pregnant and turn her husband gay.
Wow. Sad that some people think something as complex as human behavior and sexual selection can be blamed on pheromones and primal instincts. Yeah, maybe for you simple homophobic fucktards. But the rest of us use our higher thinking abilities when selecting a mate.

I might be attracted to a "bad-boy" type, but my higher self knows that they are more likely to treat me poorly and/or cheat or leave me. So I don't mate with them. Even in the throes of extreme physical attraction or love, we all have the choice to think rationally. It's called listening to your "head" rather than your "heart". Our capacity for critical thinking is what separates us from the lower animals and makes us uniquely human.

If birth control affects society in such negative ways, what about the REALLY extreme reproductive technologies like IVF and artificial insemination?
Wow. Sad that some people believe that something as complex as human behavior and sexual selection can be blamed on pheromones and primal instincts alone. Yeah, maybe for you simple homophobic fucktards. But the rest of us use our higher thinking abilities when selecting a mate.

I might be naturally attracted to a "bad-boy" type, but my higher self knows that they are more likely to treat me poorly and/or cheat or leave me. So I don't mate with them. Problem solved. Even in the throes of intense physical attraction or love, we all have the choice to think rationally and make decisions. It's called listening to your "head" rather than your "heart". Our capacity for critical thinking is what separates us from the animals and makes us uniquely human.

If birth control affects society in such negative ways, what about the REALLY extreme reproductive technologies like IVF and artificial insemination?

Why do conservative religious types always demonize birth control and abortion when many other behaviors like gene mapping, foster parenting and surrogacy have far more real-world impact? Two reasons: sexism and control.

They want women to be subservient in a nuclear family setting where their entire existence revolves around caring for their husbands and child-rearing. If a woman has sex, they believe she should face the consequences (i.e. pregnancy), even though the "consequence" is an unwanted child. Nevermind the horrible existence the innocent child will face in a family that is not emotionally or financially able to care for them. No, the woman must suffer at all costs.

They believe sex is a purely reproductive function and that sex for pleasure alone is evil or immoral. Men are supposed to be fruitful and sow their seed far and wide while women who have multiple partners outside of marriage are whores. Men are not responsible if they rape a woman or lust after her--the woman was "asking" for it by the way she dresses or carries herself. Women must take on all the burden of actually giving birth and raising the child while the man lives his life in an immature, carefree state.

A woman is merely a vessel for a fetus, and if she decides to terminate the pregnancy for any reason, she is a murderous slut. Nevermind that it's her own body and the fetus is a parasite that can't survive outside her womb. The fetus's rights trump the adult woman's rights every time.

It's a backward and dangerous way of thinking.