• Tyler Keillor/The University of Chicago
A new dinosaur, Pegomastax africanus, is being described as a "bizarre", "cat-sized", "Dracula-like" herbivore with "porcupine-like bristles." AWESOME. Identified by University of Chicago professor and paleontologist Paul Sereno, the remains were originally discovered in South Africa in the 1960s.

From a article on the subject:

In a report published Wednesday in the online journal ZooKeys, Paul C. Sereno, a paleontologist at the University of Chicago and a dinosaur specialist, described the strange anatomy of the newfound member of the heterodontosaur family and gave the new species the name Pegomastax africanus, or “thick jaw from Africa.” He also apologized in an interview for not getting around sooner to this piece of research.

When he first viewed the specimen at a Harvard laboratory, Dr. Sereno said, “My eyes popped, as it was clear this was a distinct species.”

More on this weird little guy here and here; some photos of a model of Pegomastax africanus (pictured above) by Tyler Keillor, and a video of the making of that model.