Dominic Holden didn't write this.

We invited Republican candidate for governor Rob McKenna and his staff to write guest posts on Slog today and they accepted.

It's no secret to readers of The Stranger that we're in the tank for Jay Inslee, the Democrat running for Washington State governor. Hell, writers on our staff have donated to Inslee and even filed a No ROB PAC.

But we have a history of inviting folks with whom we disagree to write guest posts on Slog. We've handed the keys to Slog over to the arch-conservative BIAW, those totally backwards charter-schools advocates, and the damn anti-pot-legalization activists.

But, let's be honest, we've probably given Rob McKenna more shit than we gave any of those folks. ("Fudge packers for Rob!" comes to mind.) So we're not just giving McKenna one guest post to make his case and balance the scales, but as many posts as Rob and his crew care to write today.

The Stranger isn't always balanced, but we do try to be fair. And in the interests of fairness and balance, Rob McKenna will be blogging in this space today. We were actually impressed when McKenna agreed to post on Slog—maybe he is a different kind of Republican after all?—and we encourage readers to engage with McKenna respectfully in the comments threads.