Rob McKenna didn't write this.


I read a great many blogs so I know that even political bloggers don't always stick to politics and policy. Bloggers write about themselves and the minutia of their daily lives. It's a well established aspect of this particular "artform."

At first I thought I would post a picture of me in my pajamas, as pajamas are every blogger's uniform. But I don't want to give the Stranger another opportunity to unleash the photoshoppers. So there will be no picture of me in my pajamas. Sorry. But I will share a peek at what passes for excitement around the McKenna household on one of our brisk fall Northwest mornings. Marilyn and I are both excited to try this strawberry jam that a friend picked up for us on a recent trip to the United Kingdom. It smells delicious! Some high-quality jam on toast, a banana, and coffee and I'm ready to face a long day fighting for Washington families.

What are you having for breakfast?