Rob McKenna didn't write this.

I see some people in online comments are taking issue with the country of origin of my breakfast jam. Of course I support Washington raspberry farmers. I believe our agricultural industry in Washington is poised to boom. As living standards rise around the world, the first thing people want to improve is the quality of their food. With productive wheat fields, nutritious potatoes, world-class fruit and specialty crops, and the most productive dairy cows in the nation, our state is producing the foods Washington residents and the world want and need.

To meet our potential, the state needs to work with farmers to ensure they have the water they need to grow the crops, and the infrastructure in place to get those crops to our in-state and export markets. Farmers trying to make a profit and build their business for the next generation need regulatory certainty so they can focus on the future. And the federal government needs to finally provide reforms that will ensure a stable, legal farm workforce.

Washington agriculture is a critical component of our state economy. Food and food processing make up 12% of the economy, and over 18% of our exports are ag products. Raspberries are crucial to Cascadia agriculture, and I will do everything in my power to make sure it stays that way. My jam choice should reflect this stance, and I intend to change it.