This is an incredibly irresponsible thing for a senior US senator to say: John McCain says he's “not enough of an economist” to say anything about the jobs numbers, but that he wouldn't put “anything past” the Obama administration.

He's basically accusing the president of faking the jobs numbers for a bump in the polls. Now, a few irresponsible news outlets are reporting the accusations of forgery as though they're fact. Look. Here's an article from March explaining how these jobs reports are assembled. It's not a partisan process.

Republicans are really botching their response to these jobs numbers. This is politics 101: You want to sound positive, but forceful, and present a clear choice to voters. Republicans should be welcoming the good news, but in their next breath, they should present a different plan for America's future. As it is, they're moaning about the numbers being faked, Romney is saying it's not good news at all, and they basically sound like cartoon villains. This booing and hissing some genuinely good news is undoing all the positive gains they made in the last few days.