SL Letter of the Day: A Boyfriend, a Best Friend, and Some Underwear


Do you ever hear back from these people? It would be fun to find out what happened to these reruns.
The Savage Love letter I most remember is the one from the guy who liked to lick semen from the floor of porno booths. ("That... That... That THING you do..." Dan described it.) He wanted to know if he was safe. Turned out that some guest medical expert said that he was.

How about it, Dan? You remember that one? I don't suppose you're taking requests.
oh that conversation is one i would like to listen in on ...

my guess (hope for the writer) would be the boyfriend is bi and just insecure and afraid of being kicked out for "not being a full man" ... or some bullshit like that.

the hooker story sounds like something, insecure men tend to make up to divert attention - completely over the top.

the line of thinking behind this seems to be "stun them with a big one, so they forget about the original problem", as if that ever works. the story is totally implausible, no man would let his best friend rent a hooker AND let them go at it on his bed ...

so my guess is, the boys definitely had some fun together on the bed, the only question is if there was someone else in the room at that time.
Or some young men are slobs who shed dirty clothes the way a Russian Blue sheds cat hairs and we're lucky that the best friend got his linens in the same state as his own laundry basket.

There's a difference between a bisexual boyfriend and a bisexual boyfriend who is also a cheating two-timer.
I agree: I'd love to have these re-runs launch a series of follow-up letters. Were these guys gay? Or stealth whoremongers? DID that guy get a disease from licking peepshow booth floors?

C'mon, readers who wrote memorable letters a long time ago... if you're out there, send a message to Dan's intern!
It's trivial, I know, but I'm wondering how she knew it was the best friend's underwear. (Unless he's a person who wears his trousers hanging half-way to his knees, I guess.)
@7 I was wondering that too. Maybe she found them, recognized them as not belonging to her bf, and when she asked her bf, he said they belonged to his friend, but didn't know how they got there. (Which would be incriminating in itself - I'm pretty sure most people don't keep tabs on what their friends' underwear looks like, so it's unlikely that he could identify the owner of the errant gaunch without knowing something about how they got there.)
I'm amazed. My only reaction was to hear the sequel to this one, too!