It's like the Goofus and Gallant of the internet! BuzzFeed has posted a collection of all the funny/sad Big Bird memes to hit the internet since Wednesday's debate.

Meanwhile, Andrew Beaujon at Poynter has published a thoughtful post about how PBS has smartly capitalized on the moment of fame Romney handed them to explain where the money goes and just how little the money Romney's discussing really is compared to the whole federal budget. The post also reveals that Big Bird has been requested as a guest on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon, Piers Morgan, and two network morning news shows in the days since the debate.

Romney has been using this Big Bird line for months, and Republican crowds love it. But when he said it in front of the biggest audience he's ever had, it took on a different tone. Despite the fact that everyone considers Romney to be the winner of the debate, that Big Bird line might be the one debate comment that hurts the most, politically speaking.