12th year of war in Afghanistan: And the Taliban are still badgering U.S.-led NATO forces.

Another Pistol Whipping in the U-District: Two people were smacked in the face with a semi-automatic handgun early Saturday morning in a robbery eerily similar to the three U-District muggings that happened last weekend.

Ehud Barak Israeli Angry: Israeli war planes staged a mock raid over southern Lebanese villages today.

Venezuelan Election: Hugo Chavez, four-term incumbent and man U.S. citizens are encouraged to dislike, is challenged by Henrique Capriles for the country's presidential election.

Late Cranberries: The drought puts a delay on Washington's cranberry production.

Trading Fire: Syria and Turkey are pissed at each other, illustrated by the mortar exchange that has continued since Wednesday.

New Addition to Radioactive Junkyard: The first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier's reactor compartments will be gifted to the Hanford Site sometime in 2017.

The coolest-looking chimp you've ever seen: