In Speech Today: Romney will promise to arm the Syrian rebels.

Meanwhile: Turkey retaliates against Syria for the sixth consecutive day.

Hugo Chavez Wins, Resisting His Strongest Opposition Yet: And vowing. "I promise you I'll be a better president."

A Robot Destroyed a Suspicious Object: On a downtown street early this morning.

This Watery Place: The story of a rescue at sea near Sitka. With video that makes you really not want to be floating at sea, stranded. Scroll all the way down, and consider all that cold gray.

Great Night for the Sounders: The defeat of Portland (with their own assist), plus tifo.

Behind 'Kony 2012': A psychotic break.

Stem Cell Researchers Are the First Winners, This Morning: Kicking off a week of Nobels.

The Corruption in Greece: Suicide, blackmail, the lost list of Swiss bank account holders.

Affirmative Action: Helping the white and the wealthy?

The Canadian Government Picking a Fight with the U.S.: Over the war of 1812.

Unsealing Lou Gehrig's Medical Records: Should they be made public if it can help folks?

Would This Be A Story If He Were Driving a Honda?: How to split a Lamborghini in half.

Twenty-five years ago this week, my hometown was declared a disaster area because of a wild early-season snowstorm that hit when the leaves were still all on the trees. Everything broke: the thick branches of the trees weighed down, the power lines in their way, all of our systems. I loved it. We trudged to find places connected to generators. I believe we ate at Wendy's.

Meanwhile, today is the 208th anniversary of the first recorded snowicane.

And meanwhile again, it is going to be 75 degrees today in Seattle, and it was like this all weekend: