Preserve Marriage Washington, the campaign attempting to reject Referendum 74 and thereby nix gay marriage, has received more dough, according to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission. The National Organization for Marriage tossed in another $400,000, bringing its total up to three-quarter million dollars, while the Catholic fraternal group Knights of Columbus gave $250,000.

No, this isn't shocking. And, yes, gay marriage is leading in the polls. And, true, the marriage equality campaign—Washington United for Marriage—is kicking their ass at fundraising. They've hauled nearly $9 million compared to Preserve Marriage Washington's $1.9 million.

But anyone who dismisses NOM, KOC, or money that will surely follow is a fool. The statewide dialogue up to now has been controlled almost entirely by gay-rights advocates. The advantage we have now is one that exists before the anti-gay campaign even opens its mouth. Their ads begin airing on October 15, and they will get more traction with less money. Reserved to the tune of $1.5 million, the ads are being designed by Frank Schubert, whose commercials in Maine depicted girls marrying princesses, a chalkboard with the words "gay sex," teachers discussing penetration, and the looming—dishonest—specter that "homosexual marriage will be taught in schools."

To scare the shit out of Washington, they only need enough money for one statewide blitz. And now they've got it.

PS — I'm not saying that gay marriage will fail. It will be close no matter what. All that stuff about talking to your family in the hinterlands, phone banking, donating, etc—it's just more crucial than ever.