The BIG issue in this year's gubernatorial race is Medicaid expansion. This is the issue that will have the most impact on the most people, most immediately.

If Jay Inslee wins, we get it, expanding health coverage to 350,000 uninsured Washingtonians. If Rob McKenna wins, we don't. The right for states to opt out of the Medicaid expansion is the only thing McKenna won in his anti-Obamacare lawsuit, and he's made clear that he has every intent of exercising this option. And barring the two-thirds vote necessary to override a veto, there's nothing the Legislature could do to stop him.

The Washington State Budget & Policy Center has put together a handy infographic illustrating the "Four Reasons Why Medicaid Expansion is a Good Idea." I've posted the first above, and the other three after the jump:


Not much to add to this clear and compelling argument for participating in Medicaid expansion, except holy fuck would this be great for Republican strongholds in rural Washington! What the fuck are Republicans thinking?