When Terry—my husband in Canada for the last eight years, hopefully my husband in Washington State soon—suggested that the Stranger host a voting party, I thought it was a good idea. Terry has lots of good ideas. But, like a lot of Terry's ideas, I didn't think this one could be legal. Inviting people to bring their ballots to a bar? Encouraging candidates to come up and mingle with voters while voters are voting? Having people on hand to collect ballots and deliver them to the county? None of that could be legal, right?

It could and it is and it's on:


Jay Inslee will be there to ask you for your vote! Ed Murray will be asking you to vote to approve R-74! The mayor will be there and Jim McDermott and Frank Chopp and Kshama Sawant!

Don't vote at home alone! Come to the Voting Party! It's LEGAL!