Yesterday was the press preview of the big fat lady art show opening tomorrow at Seattle Art Museum, called Elles. I'm writing a big fat lady art review of it and all that.

But since SAM is turning its modern and contemporary wing over to women artists through January 13, I thought the least I could do is post a work of art by a woman here on Slog every day. So every day I'm going to post something you can see locally, something that's either part of Elles, or part of the seriously one million related shows at local galleries and museums organized to coincide with the run of Elles.

If you want to shout about how you don't like quotas in comments, be my guest. I'll be too busy typing Good Job, Whatshertits posts every day to hear you.

Schmader came up with the title "Good Job, Whatshertits," and I'm in love with it. But if I hear another one that's great, I'll consider it. We also threw around a couple others. Vote! IT'S ELECTION SEASON, GIRLS.