We sent our intrepid news intern, Chelsea Kellogg, down to Westlake Center to check out this anti-gay marriage bullshizzzz. Kellogg says that the rally is being hosted by Preserve Marriage Washington, the campaign to reject R-74, and thus deny thousands of Washington couples the right to marry their loved ones.

One of today's organizers described it as a pastor's rally, explaining that "we expect 30 pastors to arrive and proclaim that God's definition of marriage is one man, one woman." But those 30 pastors failed to materialize by 12:15 p.m., when the rally was scheduled to begin.

This is what success looks like.
  • Chelsea Kellogg
  • This is what success looks like.

Supporters also failed to materialize at Westlake Plaza (perhaps all the haters were waylaid by the sinfully cheap, sinfully gay-friendly Nordstrom Rack?). When asked, one Bothell man in the thin crowd said that he was "just here to support the definition of marriage; It doesn't mean I'm anti-homosexual."

And with that, the public praying began! And then the God Blessing of America, in song!

Minutes later, Chip White, the spokesperson for Preserve Marriage WA, approached Kellogg. "This is a press conference not a rally," he said, perhaps by way of apology for the tepid turnout. "We were only expecting five pastors and I think we've exceeded our expectations." She then asked him if he could send The Stranger the press release. White said that was impossible because he was "here, obviously."

UPDATE: Anti-gay marriage speaker Pastor Victor from Federal Way had this to say about gay marriage: "I am a black male... R-74 presents a new discrimination, one where I won't be considered a male anymore." He continued with this bizarre scare tactic: "[R-74] will make all public restrooms gender neutral... A gender neutral society is not good for anybody."

Ironically enough, Pastor Victor's closing sentence was, "No discrimination laws based on prejudice should be enacted."

Meanwhile, people of faith who support gay marriage have arrived and are protesting the anemic rally/press conference/public embarrassment. Chelsea says some kindhearted person has bought everyone Starbucks coffee for their efforts:

People of faith who support gay marriage, huzzah!
  • Chelsea Kellogg
  • People of faith who support gay marriage, huzzah!

If this is what success looks like for Preserve Marriage Washington, November should be a cakewalk. God Bless America!