Malala Yousafzai Is Still Fighting for Her Life After Being Shot by the Pakistani Taliban: Here is a 2009 documentary that features her and the other girls in Swat, and you really must watch it. Meanwhile, three suspects arrested in the shooting.

Nobel Peace Prize Goes to the Whole European Union: Acceptance speech to be given by 500 million people at once.

Leon Panetta: "Cyber-Pearl Harbor" coming?

Worst Flooding in 50 Years: In Nigeria.

Seattle Will Smash and Maim and Generally Leave for Dead Louisville: In the Compassion Games, of course.

Then There's Chess Boxing, Y'all: "...four minutes of speed chess, two rounds of boxing, four more minutes of speed chess … and on it goes until someone gets knocked out in the ring, or checkmated on the board."

Jewish Indiana Jones: Sentenced for Torah fraud.

In Case You Missed the Debates Last Night: Joe Biden killed it. Here's video of a few zingers. And as for Inslee/McKenna? "Goldy: I am so enjoying this debate. No wait. I mean beer. I am so enjoying this beer. Also, I'm watching a debate."

Wyclef's Charity in Haiti: "...leaving a trail of debts, unfinished projects and broken promises." Oy.

In a North Dakota Town of 380: A freshman goes up in front of the class, makes an apology, and shoots himself. Not sure of his status. Even if he's okay, he's not okay.

Using the Nobel as Leverage, One Chinese Winner Calls for the Release of Another: Mo Yan tells the government to let Liu Xiaobo out of jail.

Women in Botswana: Now allowed to inherit the family home.

JPMorgan Chase: Sees record profits in every area.

Unwed Mothers in Mali: Their names are now on a list compiled by religious extremists, "raising fears of cruel punishments such as stoning, amputations and executions."

Do You Own Your Social Media Contacts?: Or does your employer, and what happens if you leave the company? An initial ruling says—surprise—boss owns all.

If You Go Near the Border of Washington and Oregon: Beware of salmonella.

Creative Reasons to Call in Sick: Upset after watching Hunger Games, for one.

To Be Healthier: Yogurt, kissing, giving massage.

If Romney/Ryan win, we'll have to have four years of music by these malarkey peddlers.