Tonight, Five Alarms is presenting an autumn Greenwood Lit Crawl. I attended the summer Greenwood Lit Crawl and it was a lot of fun, wandering from bar to gallery to bar as an amazing array of writers performed new work. There were experimental poems—some of them just a series of loud noises springing from the throats of a chorus of poets—and raunchy stories about bar fights. Here's what I wrote at the time:

Though it wasn't as wild as APRIL's Capitol Hill Lit Crawl, last Friday's Five Alarms Greenwood Summer Crawl left dozens of perambulating lit-lovers exhausted and happy. Highlights include Willie Fitzgerald's al fresco reading of a short story about a strange wall, Robert Lashley and Brian McGuigan's back-to-back servings of tough-but-sensitive poems about being tough-but-sensitive guys, and, especially, Kate Lebo's readings from a new project in which she makes erasures from Wikipedia. Lowlights know who they are.

Tonight's lit crawl will probably be rained on. Here are all the locations and readers. Highlights include Sara Brickman, Alex Bleecker, Sarah Galvin, Amber Nelson, Jeremy Springsteed, and Judith Roche. I hate to play favorites, but I must remind you that there is another lit crawl next Thursday, and if you have to choose only one, I would go with next week's crawl because it's huge and offers multiple readings all evening long and it sprawls across two neighborhoods. But the good news is that you live in America, and as an American, nobody tells you what you can and can't do. You have the freedom to attend two lit crawls in less than a week, goddamnit, and you should exercise that right to the fullest. God bless America!