Please do not forget, amidst all the Elles hubbub at Seattle Art Museum (worthy hubbub, but), that the Frye Art Musuem is opening an ENORMOUS new exhibition today, too.

It's entirely Seattle artists. We're talking Shabazz Palaces, Jeffry Mitchell, Perfume Genius, Wynne Greenwood, Cris Bruch, Anne Fenton, Matt Browning, Leo Saul Berk, Rebecca Brown, and more more more. It's called Moment Magnitude and it includes alllllll kinds of performances, live music-video recordings, talks, and new works being made (about Yesler Terrace, for instance), along with the fixed objects—the photographs, the videos, the sculptures, the installations, the paintings.

Fenton has two new works in the exhibition. One of them is this (below), which I documented by taking a video of the video while she was talking about the piece during the press preview. I'll just offer it up as a tantalizer, and then I'll be back in the coming days to tell you more about the other one, which involves a version of Iggy Pop's song "Success" from his 1977 album Lust for Life with Fenton singing both the lead and the backups. ("In the last ditch," he sings, "I'll think of you.")

For now, go to the museum. It's free, parking is free, always.