Shots Fired at Obama Campaign Office: On Friday afternoon, an Obama campaign office in Denver received gunfire. Denver police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez said, "It looks like it was one shot that was fired into the structure."

Always Live on the Bottom Floor: A Seattle woman jumped out of a burning building on Friday, according to the Seattle Times. She was taken to Harborview to treat her injuries. Fire department spokesman Kyle Moore said that a man who lived in the building tried to combat the blaze with a garden hose before emergency responders arrived there.

Bigots Flee Moscow Gay Bar: A "coming out day" party at a Moscow gay bar was stormed by two dozen masked men and patrons were brutalized with fists and bottles yesterday. The attackers fled and evaded police capture.

Underwater Kill Bill 2 Reenactment? A giant eyeball has washed up on a Florida beach. No one yet knows what marine mammal it belongs too or what the circumstances were that led to the loss of its intact eyeball.

Feathers Now Legal: Federally recognized Native American tribes will now be allowed to possess eagle feathers. It is currently illegal to possess eagle feathers, in accordance with the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

Olympia Man Dies After Stab Wound: An unidentified man was found stabbed and on the street in West Olympia earlier this morning. The man later died and police are investigating how he came to be mortally wounded on Copper Point Road Southwest.

Dudes, Relaaaaax: Rick Steves was shouted down in the Capital yesterday as he tried to make some prepared remarks in support of I-502. True to form marijuana special interests dispensary managers were among the most vocal in their opposition to Steves and the I-502 supporters. Representative Sam Hunt told The Olympian that anti-502 activists assaulted him at the rally.

Cantwell vs. Baumgartner: In a debate last night, Maria Cantwell's Republican challenger Mike Baumgartner lampooned the incumbent senator for voting to take America to war and then he proposed a tax increase. Luckily he remembered later that he's a Republican and spoke out against the Dream Act.