Last night, i was so wired after the debate that I had to watch a movie to calm myself down. Unfortunately, thanks to an unfortunate queue alignment on Netflix, the movie I had waiting at home for me was Dinesh D'Souza's new-on-DVD documentary, 2016: Obama's America. I watched it. It gave me a headache.

Also, DSouza really should have caught this fucking typo. (Click to enlarge.)
  • Also, D'Souza really should have caught this fucking typo. (Click to enlarge.)
D'Souza, of course, is the author of that awful, histrionic Forbes story from a couple years ago accusing President Obama of anti-colonialist thought. 2016 is basically the movie version of that article. Using a series of bad video reenactments (seriously, whoever shot the scenes that supposedly represent D'Souza's upbringing has a bright career in the burgeoning field of karaoke background videos), D'Souza claims that President Obama is haunted by his father's anti-colonialist ghost and he wants to destroy America because of his dad.

The signs that D'Souza says prove Obama wants to destroy America? Obama is for nuclear disarmament, and he passed Obamacare. D'Souza talks with a psychiatrist who agrees that Obama might have daddy issues, and he gets kicked out of Obama's Granny Sarah's house. D'Souza also cites a debunked story about Obama getting rid of a Winston Churchill bust and he hangs a distressing amount of the movie on an overinflated comment from a couple of years ago about NASA's Muslim outreach. Even after watching the movie, I don't understand how all those things can be combined into anything resembling a coherent theory.

All around these "facts" and "experts," D'Souza wiggles his fingers and unleashes an insulting, addled hocus-pocus that preys on conservative distrust of Obama and projects a vague conspiracy theory onto a bunch of President Obama's most minor policies and actions in his first term as president. D'Souza doesn't mention the fact that Obama ordered the assassination of Osama bin Laden. He doesn't mention the financial crisis that inspired much of the debt incurred during President Obama's first term. Those aren't omissions that happen by accident. They're the kind of omissions high school kids make when they're trying to bullshit their way through an English paper while hoping that the teacher is too lazy to notice. This is a garbage documentary from a fourth-rate academic trying to convince mental midgets that their myopic worldview is exactly right.