While everybody's been paying attention to presidential and gubernatorial races, a Karl Rove-run Super PAC has been attempting to steal the attorney general's race with a couple million dollars in deceptive ads. Democrat Bob Ferguson has been leading Republican Reagan Dunn in the polls since this summer, but Dunn has enjoyed an overwhelming advantage on the air in recent weeks, thanks to out-of-state Super PAC spending.

Remember, this is exactly how Rob McKenna became the GOP's best shot at winning the governor's mansion since 1980. Eight years ago the US Chamber of Commerce spent big in the AG's race to trash Deborah Senn and boost McKenna into office. Now the same right-wing forces are conspiring to do the same for Dunn. And if Democrats aren't careful, eight years from now we could be paying the price.

Ferguson is now finally up on the air with his own ad (below), but he can't fight Karl Rove on his own. So if you were planning to send him some spare change, now would be a good time.