If you're in a monogamous relationship and you cheat on your partner or spouse and it was a one-off thing and you deeply regret it and it's never going to happen again... keep your fucking mouth shut.

“I lost my wife,” Mr. Anastas tells us, shortly into his book, “in a glass elevator at the Hilton in Frankfurt, Germany.” This is a bit of indirection. What he means is, while engaged to Marina, he ascended in this glass elevator with a sexy other woman, with whom he had a one-night stand while at a book fair.... Mr. Anastas confesses his infidelity to Marina shortly after their marriage. She responds, less than a year later, by leaving Mr. Anastas, while pregnant with their son, for another on-the-make young American writer. It was, Mr. Anastas writes, “a revenge-affair-turned-real.” Mr. Anastas commences to walk the streets of New York City like a gut-shot bear.

Presumably both Mr. Anastas and his ex are happy with their new partners, and Mr. Anastas did get a well-received memoir out of the shit storm created by his confession. But, sheesh, listen to Prudie if you're not willing it listen to me: a regrettable and regretted one-off, lesson learned, no diseases acquired, no fetuses gestating, not gonna happen again? Take it to the fucking grave.