There are two comedy events you should pay attention to this week.

First: Tonight, October 17, at 9:00 p.m. Laff Hole returns to Chop Suey (1325 E Madison St, $10/adv) with headliner and former Seattle resident, Andy Peters. I asked Peters a few awkward questions over email and he gamely responded:

Me: What are you doing in LA? Which celebrity do you most resemble? What is the ONLY THING you miss about Seattle?
Peters: I came out to LA to find work on fun and interesting writing and film projects to be a part of. So far my only big Hollywood project was a trutv show called Clipaholics. I was one of the Clipaholics, which meant I commented on clips of other people's misfortunes. I am currently going back and visiting my favorite comedy towns in the country. Seattle being #1 to me - always.
I get called John Malkovitch a lot. I think all we share is amazing head shape. The major thing I miss is Easy Street Records. I used to live right down the street from Easy Street in lower Queen Anne. I have yet to find a place like it.
Me: Why are conservatives in general less funny than liberals?
Peters: I don't know.... because they know that they are the wrong ones, and it bothers them. They are welcomed to come to my show. I like to get to know what makes conservatives tick....from the stage.

Second: I've always fantasized about being a Roman emperor or parent or someone else who has the power to make people suffer for personal enjoyment. In that vein, Portland's Spicy News Show is trucking up to Seattle to deliver a fucking great show this Sunday, October 21 at 8:00 p.m. at the Seattle Underground (109 S. Washington St, $10).

Here's how it works: Comics will all get three-minute sets, guaranteed. Then, if they want more stage time, they'll have to complete a Spicy Challenge. Spicy Challenges include: eating a habenero, doing a habenero jello shot out of a hollowed out habenero, chew on habenero gum, or eat a mouthful of habenero peanut butter. They will always have the option to surrender and eat ice cream.

This will be the first-ever live performance of Spicy News, and it features a great lineup of NW comedians, including Ian Karmel, Owen Straw, Derek Sheen, and Emmett Montgomery. It is bound to be funny and at the very least, you are guaranteed to see grown men cry. Get your tickets here.

A sample Spicy News Broadcast included after the jump...