If you are a King County voter who is considering marking your ballot for Rob McKenna because he doesn't come off as quite so awful as most of those other Republicans, I strongly urge you to read our exposé on the real Rob McKenna, and how, on issue after issue, his values just don't jibe with ours. But the one thing you won't find in that piece is a mention of how much this guy absolutely despises light rail.

Oops. My bad.

McKenna has a long and well documented history of opposing light rail. As a King County Council member, McKenna was an early and vocal opponent of building light rail. As a Sound Transit board member, McKenna worked tirelessly to kill the agency. McKenna supported Tim Eyman's efforts to cripple Sound Transit, and he lobbied federal officials to deny the agency crucial federal funding. It was McKenna who hobbled Sound Transit's planning with his politically sellable but stupidly inefficient "sub-area equity" provision.

As recently as March, McKenna lambasted "this significantly unaccountable regional transportation body called Sound Transit," suggesting that "the only way out ... is another public vote." And just this Tuesday during the final gubernatorial debate, McKenna once again expressed skepticism over whether it was physically possible to run fixed rail over a floating bridge. Because now I suppose he's an engineer.

The citizens of King County have made our intentions clear, repeatedly voting to build and expand a regional transit system, and Rob McKenna, eager to divert transit money to new road construction, has fought us every step of the way. So why the fuck would we want to elect him governor?