Missouri Preacher Gives a Speech About a Gay Rights Ordinance


That is a different approach.
Wow. I almost didn't watch the end of it, but I'm sure glad I did. That was powerful. Thanks for posting that Dan.
Oh hell yeah.
If I could shake that good gentleman's hand, I would.

Thank you for sharing, Dan.
I like the way the audience is nodding off and looking around the room for anything interesting to keep them awake. "The Lord... Jesus.. scripture... blah... blah... zzzzz... Wha!? Wha'd he say at the end?"
blah blah god's order blah special rights blah blah... WTF? WHAT THE FUCK???

YEAH!!! Out of the ballpark, it's a home run!
Nicely played!
Damn my ADD... He rises to speak in favor of the civil rights ordinance and then immediately starts speaking against it. Couldn't figure out what was going on until he told us.

This was definitely effective for those who stuck with it, but how many tuned out? OTOH, did Bible-thumpers miss the first part, stick with the middle and "get" it at the end?
Nice one. There was something about that man's face that made me think he was going to be a progressive on the argument... Then he started speaking and I thought damn, I'm a bad judge of a man's face. Glad I was right (and then wrong). This is really powerful.
That was from two months ago. What was the result?
Holy shit.
He makes a lot of great points for why a Christian theocracy would not want to pass such a law. Unfortunately for him, the First Amendment exists.

Nicely done.
FUCK I commented too soon. Don't make my same mistake: watch until the end! It's great!
@15, you might want to watch the WHOLE video before making your comment. I know it's hard given the content of the first two minutes, but it's well worth it.
Nice :)
This needs to go totally viral. It is THE winning argument.
Well played Sir. If I could compliment him directly, I would.
FUCKING AWESOME. *internet kisses*
I almost didn't make it through that. That guy wins.

at the end when he says:

"All I have done is simply take out the phrase 'racial integration' and substituted it with the phrase "Polygamy" "

we just got GOOSEBUMPS!

Ain't Freedom and Equality AWESOME!!
@24: That was seriously the dumbest thing I've heard so far this week, and I spent twenty minutes last night on SWTOR arguing with a really bad tank about how elephants sometimes wear armor.
The Bible explicitly condones polygyny. Therefore, an argument against polygamy based on Christian ideology would make no sense.
You might as well have said "animal sacrifice" instead of "polygamy".
I am so sad and scared for our country. God's wrath is far worse than any physical death could be. We ARE inviting His wrath and curses with our behavior. But: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14. Unfortunately, history through the ages has shown that we will become much more wicked and cursed by God before we realize the error of our ways and turn back to Him. I love ALL people as each and every one of us are children of God as well as my brother/sister, but I hate the path this country has taken (hate the deed, not the person). It just makes me sad that more people don't realize that we are on a path to destruction.....
If you watch the slide show on the linked news story you'll see a quite interesting collection of citizens. I wonder which ones are there in support of the equality amendment?
Man, that was truly, utterly, epic. The way he stumbled at just the right time there was priceless. And then "Oh shit, I brought the wrong notes!"

Delivered like a set of brass knuckles right to the teeth, that speech was.

That's funny. Gayness is such an important sin that it was included in the 10 commandments, wasn't it? And on top of that, Jesus spoke about it endlessly.

Oh wait...
You are casting pearls before swine, but it is eerie how spot on the quotations became when he substituted homosexuality for segregation.
Who would name their child "the Reverend Doctor?" He said that's his name.
Amen, motherlickers.
Mind = blown.
boy am i glad i didnt go into berserk mode befor listening to it all ...
@24, you're always on here trolling about Polygamy. Are you a third wife or something? Concerned that your hubby's going to be arrested for it? Are you the 15 year old or was that the second wife? If you really want polygamy to be legalized then you definitely have a strong biblical argument. The bible is very pro-polygamy. Luckily we have the first amendment to protect us from insane biblical law.

@26, if gay marriage is going to bring down ultimate biblical destruction on our country wouldn't he start with the countries that have had gay marriage longer? We'll probably get a heads up when fire and brimstone start raining down on Canada. Then a few years later god will vaporize Massachusetts and eventually Iowa. Until that happens I see no reason to assume god will do anything to us for allowing gay marriage. The worst Canada gets from god for it's gay marriage is cold. So, go buy a sweater, equal rights for all!
Polygamy isn't a sexual orientation. While a man may want multiple wives, he can legally marry someone to whom he is sexually attracted. Without same sex marriage, a gay man cannot legally marry someone to whom he is sexually attracted.