Funny how Republicans are always the ones whining about voter fraud. Because it seems like they're always the ones who commit voter fraud, too:

A 31-year-old man working for the Virginia Republican party was arrested on Thursday after he was caught throwing out voter registration forms, Richmond, Va., the Rockingham County sheriff's office confirmed to CBS News.

The man, Colin Small, faces 13 felony and misdemeanor counts relating to voter fraud, including one count of obstruction of justice, four counts of destruction of voter registration applications and eight counts of disclosure of voter registration applications.

According to CBS affiliate WTVR local man reportedly spotted Small throwing a bag into a Harrisonburg, Va., dumpster reserved for private use by the company at which he works, and investigated because he was annoyed that the man had improperly used the dumpster. He looked in the bag to discover eight filled-out registration forms.

(He couldn't even use the dumpster properly!) Find a mug shot of Small over at The Richmonder. If Small is found guilty, I hope he's punished severely. Taking away another American's right to vote is one of the most un-American things you can do.