NEW SEWICKLEY TWP. — A 9-year-old girl was accidentally shot in the shoulder Saturday night by a family member who thought she was an animal outside a New Sewickley Township home, police said.
New Sewickley Police Chief Ronald Leindecker said the girl, whom he would not identify, was over a hillside around 8:30 p.m. during a Halloween party at 376 Brewer Road.

Leindecker said an unidentified male relative mistook the girl, who was wearing a black costume and a black hat with white tassel, for a skunk and shot her in the shoulder with a shotgun.
Trigger-happy people have it good in this society. Seriously, this man who confused a 9-year-old human with a skunk (if that is indeed what happened), discharged a weapon, endangered other humans, and permanently injured the shoulder of the girl, will probably face no charges or punishment. He was standing his ground against an imaginary skunk.