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A Gallup International poll has revealed that Irish, in Ireland, would vote 96-4 percent for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney.

That’s not a landslide it is an avalanche.

But it begs the question why Irish and Europeans in general see so little to like in the GOP candidates these days.

After all many Irish are Catholic conservatives fiercely opposed to abortion and feel issues like immigration into Ireland is destroying the country.

The business class in ireland would surely have far more in common with lower taxes and less government that the Republican Party espouses.

It is now mainstream to argue that Obama's near-universal support from black Americans has its roots in racism. Ignoring the facts of history (black Americans have heavily supported white candidates on the Dem ticket), what are we to make of this poll in Ireland? It seems they (white Europeans) see the Rmoney/Obama race in exactly the same light as black Americans. Why? How is this possible? If you agree with the argument that blacks are voting for Obama because he is black, then you are left with only this answer: The Irish are the niggers of Europe.