A whole series of secretly recorded videos posted by a YouTube user named "Newnamenoah" detailing Mormon rituals have been making a splash on Reddit for about a week now. It's certainly an informative series. I had no idea, for example, that so many Mormon rituals were based on Masonic rituals.

This video closes with a blurry image of what the recorder claims to be Mitt and Ann Romney in something called the Celestial Room, clad head to toe in white with green aprons, surrounded by Secret Service agents dressed in the same outfits. Newnamenoah claims to have better footage of the Romneys from the Celestial Room, but that footage hasn't been released as of yet. Election years always bring out people who claim to have secret information about the candidates (remember the guy who claimed to have coke-fueled gay sex with Obama while in the back of a limousine?), but Newnamenoah, at least, has already provided footage of Mormon rituals, so there's at least a little bit of credibility there. If Newnamenoah really has secret Romney footage, it will come out soon, but each day that passes makes this story seem more and more like a flight of fancy.