One of the best commentaries on the Seattle Times' baffling decision to spend $75,000 advertising on behalf of Rob McKenna comes from an unsigned editorial in the Sky Valley Chronicle:

What is equally stunning is that the entire management team at the paper that signed off on this crazy idea evidently did not know – or did not care – about the firestorm that would surely follow; a firestorm most second year journalism school students could easily have predicted for them.

The Times, mired as are all old line print dailies in a deathly quicksand of falling revenues, falling subscriptions, falling relevancy, massive overhead and a tattered relationship with a public that no longer believes as a majority that such newspapers report fair and impartially, appears to have sunk another three feet into that quicksand with a mind-blowing decision to back candidates and issues with money – a decision that simply reaffirms the public’s perceptions and suspicions that such newspapers have always played favorites, have always backed horses in races, have always had unseen hands in the background tipping the weights on scales.

The Sky Valley Chronicle describes itself as "the first and ONLY full service daily newspaper based in East Snohomish County." Never heard of them before. But really, read the whole damn thing.