"The candidate I'm voting for is not even Christian. He's Mormon."


Is this . . . real?
She's got a point there.
They seem fake.
You've been trolled
@2 - If one of them is pointed, she should really get a refund.
I made it all the way to 0:07. I think @4 has it right.
Danny leads such a rich full life.
I really want to believe this is a troll but I'm not convinced, and that scares me
romney is hot? lady cut down on the bleach ...
The headline excerpt is technically correct. Sadly, the religious nuts now accept almost any other religious nuts, as long as they're white conservatives, of course. Catholics would probably vote for a Scientologist if their "church" was reliably anti-abortion and pro-school-voucher.

@3 Not fake, I'd guess. You see how much fat there is in her arms? Totally consistent with that amount of cleavage.
Ha ha ha! Mormon, not even Christian!
If you think I'm going to watch 5:19 of nerve-grating voice, scene-kid hair, and over-flaunted cleavage just to see how stupid her reasoning is, you got another thing coming.
It's clearly satire. She's very good.
What I don't get is why she speaks in that stupid 80's valley girl style. I couldn't get past 0:45...
Can you get me an intro to this babe, Dano????
I also couldn't make it even halfway through. I did however, endeavor to check out some of the comments on youtube (where it's got 3,800 likes & 43,000+ dislikes) and while I wasn't able to discern whether or not it's legitimate, I did find her twitter account #trishapaytas. Plenty of tweets, not many of which would suggest she's a satire/parody.
@15: She's trying to illustrate how stupid her "position" is by highlighting the extreme ignorance and tackiness of a girl who would vote for Romney. She has created a character of an ignorant, misinformed, airhead and it stands to reason that such a character would identify as conservative republican.
The irritating 80's valley girl style is a standard trope meaning, "I am shallow and ignorant."

This is a fairly old joke.
It's too much; she's too over-the-top, to be real.

From the boobage to the fake nails, the hair, pink leopard print, "valley girl" cadence, to the absurd satements, she's trying to be funny. I think she's created a character and that's what she's trying spoof, not so much Romney per se. Though of course "she" is going to vote for him and that "Ryan What'shisname."
Are you satire, nocutename, or are you genuinely trying to convince yourself that there are no vacuous dimwits out there who decide their votes based on whether they are physically attracted to a candidate?
@20: I'm not trying to convince myself of anything, but thank you for asking so nicely.

Of course there are dimwits, and certainly people (and not even tacky clearly dimwitted ones) vote for candidates they are physically attracted to.
It's my opinion (and neither you nor I know for absolute certainty) that this smacks of parody/satire. The strokes appear both too numerous and too broad to me.
I'm so glad I sat through the whole thing for the gem of a quote starting at 3:29:

"And for all those who are saying, like, Republican's don't like women, or whatever, like, *long pause* yeah they do, they're married to 'em. So. *headroll* Whatever."

Also, her exposure that Obama is making it illegal to be a Catholic, which she is, just like the socialism in Mexico in the 1940's.
Is this Dinesh D'sousa's new girlfriend?
Uncanny valley.
This seems fake, but what with Poe's law and everything, it doesn't really matter because there are probably people out there who are genuinely like this.
She calls Romney hot, therefore this cannot be real.
@23 you should register so everyone can read that. +1
Look at her other videos, though. Some of them are the exact same persona but on much more low-key, non-over-the-top, non-outragous, generally not-funny-by-any-measure topics. Her review of a scented candle that comes with jewelry in it is too sincere and free of laughlines to be plausible as just persona-building for more effective trolling.

Maybe. It's a close call though. Here's a lot of the same points in just a slightly less flamboyant manor, which why would you make the same troll video twice slightly differently? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWz-bMfVd…

I do note that on her youtube page she describes herself as Andy Kaufman, though. http://www.youtube.com/user/blndsundoll4…
Firstly, Obama is the hottest President that America will probably ever have. Romney is ugly as hell.

Secondly, why is she allowed to vote?
Time for a Slog Poll of the hottest President!

I'm thinking it's JFK but I'm shallow and a sucker for irishmen.
So, this is a whole genre of youtube channel. Women post videos about EVERYTHING under the sun, and make their boobs, asses, whatever the preview image. They get linked from other videos, people go watch them for 30 seconds, get bored, moved on, and the channel operator picks up ad revenue. Add a obviously dumb series of comments that will make the video go quasi-viral, and, bam, more ad revenue.
@30 It was Andrew Jackson. Pure evil, but great hair!
Check her other videos. She's clearly an hyperactive not very bright hypocritical conservative attention whore.
The video is immensely more enjoyable on mute.
For what it's worth: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/shira-laza…

"Though she admits to using satire and humor to spread her message, Trisha insists that she is not playing a character, and these videos represent her authentic beliefs and attitudes."

Faith in humanity, lost.
Here's a much less flamboyant video that's much harder to see as trolling.

I think she's for real. And she's hamming it up for attention in the posted video.
And money. Attention and money.
"Like Mexico in the 1940s." That was either completely accidental, or a rather stunningly smart spitwad in a the middle of a stupid gazpacho.
@23 You win!

Hey, at least she's voting... I guess? Maybe if she takes ownership of her government she will start paying attention? She does illustrate Romney's appeal to low-information voters quite well.
megan mccain has had some work done....
I love this video.
I'd say that she is TOO GOOD if this is a fake. This is professional style satire and writing here. Or maybe she just missed her calling.


REALLY? Half the comments are speculating on whether her boobs are real? REALLY?
@43: "REALLY? Half the comments are speculating on whether her boobs are real? REALLY?"
Men make up half the population.

Yes, I know, a lot of the SLOG men are gay, but so are a lot of the SLOG women, and so it about balances out to half of us ogling her shoulder boulders.
Real and gorgeous. I would love to bury my face betwixt them.

@44: Shoulder boulders? REALLY?
This video is EPIC
@45: You think she's hot? REALLY?
On her youtube profile she writes "I'm Andy Kaufman". That must mean something, right? because the lady I just saw in that video wouldn't know who Andy Kaufman was.
@44 I'm not objecting to people ogling her boobs or not. That's fine and I could theorize that she's encouraging people to do so.

My objecting is that half the COMMENTS are about her boobs. That's really all you have to say? She's displaying either amazing talent at satire or an incredibly low IQ and the thing you feel like sharing with the world is "Fake boobs."

It's like when intelligent women do an interview about important topics and all the comments are about whether the readers would do her or not. Personally, I think it's just as ridiculous for a unintelligent person to talk about important topics and say things that are very revealing about voters today and have the comments be about her physical appearance. Wtf.
Please correct your headline/quote. It SHOULD read, "He's not even Christian. He's.. like... Mormon." When you take the "like" out of it, it really loses the ...um... credibility of the original ... um... piece.
Just read that comment Functional Athiest, #49: "I'm pretty sure straight guys would deem her hot." Brother, you are really, really gay. And I say that with respect, but this woman is not hot.
I do not like videos where people go "UM UM UM" constantly. It's better to write down what one plans to say and sound a little rehearsed than to sound like a death rattle.

What a jerk. As a Catholic, I (and probably she) have been referred to as "not a REAL Christian" too many times to write off Mormons like that.
"As a Catholic, I (and probably she) have been referred to as "not a REAL Christian" too many times to write off Mormons like that."


Sorry, dogma has consequences. All your different religions can't be correct simultaneously. Or do you think your sky fairy is playing a gigantic shell game, where this guy gets to see this part of the truth, and that guy gets to see a different truth?

And don't get me started about the inconsistencies within each dogma (like Matthew 27:51-54; there's an earthquake, and the dead rise and walk through the streets, and NO ONE ELSE RECORDS THAT?), which you dismiss with "the devil can quote scripture for his own devices." Please, wave your hands faster and harder, and maybe your conflicting myths will make sense.
She openly emulates Andy Kaufman, to the point of stating "I am Andy Kaufman" so yeah: brilliant, brilliant young lady. Something I'd hoped Victoria Jackson was up to (still plausible as a life-long committed performance)
if it's fake she spent a lot of time making 461 other videos as this character over the last 5 years